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Cosmic Geometry

Using what I call cosmic mathematics, we can (for instance) detail the geometry of a triangle without using trigonometry or the Pythagoras theorem. And that is good.

The Cosmic Equation

Based on a simple equation, it adds a level of sophistication to the normal method, giving us a deeper level of understanding. Taking into account the usually ignored negative principle is a bit of a mind-bender, so, patience is a virtue.

Cosmic Geometry

We can link this equation with Pythagoras’s theorem.

The golden ratio is one of the most interesting cosmic number.

Phi and the 345 Triangle
Phi ratios (circles and squares)

Below we can see how we can use cosmic geometry to generate the Metallic means.

Metallic Means using Cosmic Geometry

Interestingly we can generate the Pythagorean triples, without using the Pythagoras theorem. Below we can see that using cosmic geometry provides us with a lot more useful information when compared with other methods.

Pythagorean Triples using Cosmic Geometry

As we can see the 345 Triangle is very special case of Pythagorean triple.

The 345 Pythagorean triple

The 345 triangle is interesting for many reasons, below we can see its amazing symmetry (platonic solids) and its relationship with the golden ratio.

345, phi and the platonic solids

Some examples using the cosmic equation of cosmic mathematics

Examples of cosmic geometry

And some more advanced cosmic geometry examples.

Advanced Examples

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