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  • The Amazing Golden Ratio (Phi)

    29th Nov 2021 by

    The Golden ratio is maybe the greatest number, lets explore why? The golden ratio can be found in both the Hexagon and the Pentagon. Phi (golden section) triangle and the 345 triangle have a unique relationship. And in order to understand phi we must look in detail at this relationship. Below showing the most important… Read more

  • Sacred Geometry 101

    16th Jan 2020 by

    It is assumed that (x) is always ≥ 1 and the (1/x) is always ≤ 1. The ‘cosmic’ equation Linking the ‘cosmic’ equation with Pythagoras. Linking the ‘cosmic’ equation with trigonometry and the trigonometric functions. Simplifying the tan relationship. more stuff more stuff The Triangles The relationship between the red and blue triangles. More stuff. Example A Visualising the triangles… Read more

  • Cosmic Geometry

    15th Jan 2022 by

    Using what I call cosmic mathematics, we can (for instance) detail the geometry of a triangle without using trigonometry or the Pythagoras theorem. And that is good. Based on a simple equation, it adds a level of sophistication to the normal method, giving us a deeper level of understanding. Taking into account the usually ignored negative principle is a bit of a… Read more

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