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The Mathematics of the Khafre Pyramid

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The Khafre Pyramid

The Khafre/Chephren or middle pyramid is the key to understanding the geometry and mathematics of the Giza plateau, pointing to the cosmic identity/equation.

The Khafre Pyramid was built according to a 3,4,5 triangle, considered very important by the Egyptians.

The ratios

Scaling the ratios by a half, we can see the the hidden mathematics.

The Cosmic Identity

Khafre points to this cosmic identity, and the relationship to Pythagoras formula.

For each number (x) we have a corresponding right angled triangle.

The link to Pythagoras formula. For Khafre x=2.

We can use this as a key to further understand the geometry of the other pyramids.

Khafre (final scaled ratios)

Back to The Giza Plateau.


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